Edited by H. Richard Dietrich III and Deborah M. Rebuck; With contributions by David L. Barquist, Edward S. Cooke Jr., H. Richard Dietrich III, Michael P. Dyer, Kathleen A. Foster, Morrison H. Heckscher, Philip C. Mead, Lisa Minardi, Deborah M. Rebuck, and William S. Reese

January 28, 2020
304 pages, 9½ x 11½ inches, 215 color illus.
ISBN 9780876332931, Hardcover, $50.00

Published by the Dietrich American Foundation in association with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Distributed by Yale University Press. This book showcases highlights from the Dietrich American Foundation, established in 1963 by H. Richard Dietrich Jr. and focused on 18th-century American fine and decorative arts and artifacts.

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